MBRW: Sage Restaurant

Sage French Toast
Sage’s Downtown Omelet

It is a rainy day in Memphis, but brunch was a must! Yours truly did not finish breakfast before church, so I was determined to find food afterwards. What better time to quench my appetite than during Memphis Black Restaurant Week (MBRW) — a week created by Event Planner and Business Strategist, Cynthia Daniels, for participants to patronize  black-owned restaurants in Memphis. First stop for me —  Sage Restaurant.

Sage opened in November of 2018. Located downtown, this restaurant, bar, and lounge is the perfect spot for socialites. From the marble countertops, white leather seating, and sleek light fixtures, Sage is chic, sophisticated, and upscale — offering menu items from brunch to tapas. Not to mention the music playing overhead would put anyone in a good mood.  I seated myself at the bar, and I was immediately greeted by Katrina. Not long after that, I ordered Sage’s Downtown Omelet with Bacon and Sage French Toast. Fifteen minutes later, my meal was served. Thank God! Let me just say this, my omelet was off the chain! I cannot tell you how appreciative I am that my omelet was cooked well. Often times, I visit restaurants and the egg is runny. I am not a fan of that at all! As a bread lover, the French toast was decent. For those who love more cinnamon and little to no butter, the French toast is just for you. However, I love my French toast with not as much cinnamon flavor and more butter.

My meal came with conversation, of course. As I mentioned, Sage is a social atmosphere. So it does not take much to meet new people and perhaps run into some familiar faces. As a first time patron, I enjoyed the casual atmosphere, as well as the personable attitude and professional service of Katrina. Sage is perfect for solo dining and groups.

News You Can Use (For Patron): Make reservations if your party is more than two. The bar is not guaranteed.

Suggestion (For Restaurant): Be sure to have a greeter at the door, especially for those who are first-time guest.


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