MBRW: Downtown Nutrition – Memphis


Tea: Mango Peach with Tropical Fruit      |     Shake: Bahama Breeze with Mango Aloe

Have you ever walked into an environment and instantly felt the positive energy? That was my experience during my morning stop at Downtown Nutrition – Memphis. I learned that it has been open for only three months, and they have been receiving lots of business. And for good reason. The vibe is tranquil. Quotes, affirmations, and the humble spirit of my server, “D”, would make anyone want to visit.

I was greeted with a smile and a welcome. “D” was very knowledgeable of the items listed on the menu. After asking me what my needs were, he made sure I understood the benefits of each ingredient. Keep in mind, I am a meat and bread type of chick. Period! It is only by grace that I am this thin. As a woman, who is not into healthy shakes, teas, and smoothies, I can say that I felt more aware once he finished explaining.

Because I was in need of an energy boost, and I had a taste for something fruity, I ordered the Bahama Breeze shake, which includes papaya, along with Mango Peach Tea with Tropical Fruit and an energy booster. The shake was thick, smooth, and VERY sweet! For my sugar lovers, this is the perfect shake for you. The tea was cold, sweet, and refreshing. I could taste the mango and peach. It was just what I needed this morning.

For those who may be interested in a healthy alternative, I would highly recommend this spot. It is perfect for a small, intimate getaway or for those who are on-the-go.


News You Can Use (For Patron): This setting is not for large groups.

Suggestion (For Restaurant): None.



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