Rock n Roll Sushi


Heart Roll

Today I visited Rock n Roll Sushi for the first time. A friend of mine suggested this spot for us to catch up.

I must admit, this spot lives up to it’s name with rock-n-roll music playing overhead, vinyl record holder shaped menus, and electric guitars and images of Rock-n-Roll artists pictured for everyone to see.

I saw my friend and went straight to the table. Our server greeted us, and we placed our orders. I decided on the Fried Heart Roll, which included shrimp tempura, crabmeat and cream cheese, top with baked crabmeat, seasoned crawfish, jalapenos, spicy mayo, eel sauce, sweet chili sauce and crunchy flakes. It was delicious and savory! I could taste every, single item in my sushi roll, and that spicy mayo gave it an extra kick!

Admittedly, I enjoyed catching up with my friend, but unfortunately our server was not attentive. We had to call for him when we needed something, and when we did, he never came back with what we asked for. We had to ask another server for what we needed. This would be understandable if there was a restaurant full of people, but it was not. It was may be eight or nine people in the entire place. He made sure he brought us that bill though.

Speaking of that… Grant was our server’s name. I only know because it was written on the bill.

The atmosphere is perfect for a lunch date with a friend or meeting with a group.


News You Can Use (For Patron): None.

Suggestion (For Restaurant): When greeting customers, introduce yourself, and feel free to follow up once the meal has arrived to see if there is anything we need.

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  1. The Food looks delicious. Most places I’ve visited in Memphis do have good sushi, I’ve only been to a select few. Being a Server is so overwhelming, you literally have to feed into someones whole life for the time they’re at your restaurant. The food is what brings us back always 🙂 Thank God for servers, Bless their hearts haha 🙂

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