Walk On’s Bistreaux & Bar

Voodoo Shrimp
Fried Catfish and Fried Alligator

My idea of a good time usually involves food. For my sports bar and/or seafood lovers, if you are in Dallas/Irving, Texas stop by Walk On’s Bistreaux & Bar. It is a laid back atmosphere that is fitting for single dining but perfect for groups.

When my family and I visited the restaurant, we were greeted immediately and seated. After a few minutes of browsing the menu, I decided to order the voodoo shrimp, which included chargrilled jumbo gulf shrimp stuffed with cream cheese, pickled jalapenos, wrapped in bacon atop corn grits served with garlic bread and sweet chili glaze. We also ordered hand battered fried catfish served with waffle fries, hush puppies with cocktail and tartar and fried alligator with dijon horseradish. And of course, I ordered sweet tea for my beverage. My favorite food is seafood or anything cajun and spicy, so this meal was giving me all the feels. Whoever thought to add the sweet chili sauce to the voodoo shrimp dish is a genius. That combination of savory, spice and sweet was Heaven to my palette. I am usually not a fan of grits, unless it is served as shrimp and grits. However, the corn grits were delicious! If you enjoy the taste of corn pudding, you will enjoy the corn grits.

Everyone was pleased with their meals. I know because there was not a peep at our table.

Although our waitress was a tad bit disheveled — forgetting to bring things to the table that were requested, charging my credit card higher than my bill (thank God for immediate text alerts), and not checking on us after we placed our order, the manager and other staff were friendly and very accommodating. The manager visited our table, apologized and assured us that the matter would be handled.

Overall, my experience was great!

News You Can Use (For Patron): None.

Suggestion (For Restaurant): None.


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