Red + Stripes


“Struggle outfits” turn out to be the best outfits. I was rushing to get to work, and I was not in the mood to iron so I found myself staring in my closet and this was the result. The older I get, the more creative I get with the clothes that I have in my closet. Trust me, budgeting and trying to make better financial decisions will teach you to work with what you have. Do you ever get bored with the clothes you have? When was the last time you got creative with items in your closet?

Wearing: Shirt (old) | Mixit Black Earrings | Skirt (similar) | INC Glam Crossbody Wallet | Jessica Simpson Pumps


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Cassieblog says:

    Look beautiful 😊 I love the red skirt

    1. ValenciaDSpears says:

      Hey!! Thank you! I appreciate you for reading!

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